At Geolang we threw out the rulebook on data protection and started from scratch. This allowed us to take a novel approach and find a much more elegant solution to address the problem. Our unique, patented approach gives us more flexibility to monitor and protect your data within your company network, when it’s on the cloud and across the supply chain.

Ascema Core is a fingerprinting, indexing and matching algorithm that powers the whole Ascema family.


For each document you want to protect a unique fingerprint is created. Fingerprinting. This irreversible fingerprint is then indexed and stored in the vault. Your data remains safe, even if the fingerprints are revealed. Indexing.


Ascema monitors the data-stream in real time and provides alerts on matching content down to the sentence level. Matching.

The Ascema Core Modules





Ascema Protect manages access to high value digital enterprise assets or customer owned information across enterprise applications, email clients and servers, either on premise or in the cloud, based on enterprise defined policies, end user choice or automated classification.
Ascema Detect monitors datastreams from disparate systems for event discovery
against a corpus of Ascema protected digital assets in real time.
Ascema Respond intervenes to remediate on event discovery against protected enterprise and  customer high value content in real time.
Ascema Report compiles an event log supporting the provision of enterprise and customer data asset analysis for audit and compliance reporting including period comparison for trend analysis.

Ascema Investigate provides an audit trail with contextualised visualization of sensitive content across its life cycle.

Ascema Identify tracks incoming third party content supporting risk profiling against the inadvertent use of third party IP, legal eDiscovery and customer asset removal.

Ascema Classify automatically identifies high value information based on

business templates.

Ascema Structure provides real time tracking and control of structured data at point of export for content protection, audit and compliance.

Ascema Infinity for supply chains, provides internal and external protection

and remediation of high value enterprise information across supply chains.

Ascema Connectors




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