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GeoLang Board Members

Andrew Sleigh


40 years experience in defence and security, was Chief Technology Officer across entire QinetiQ Group before embarking on a portfolio career in 2009. Was Managing Director of QinetiQ’s UK defence and technology business (£700M revenues pa) through QinetiQ’s IPO in 2006. He was Director General of Information and Communication Services in UK MOD. He was Deputy Chair to the Security Advisory Group to the European Commission Framework Programme 2007-2012, and has been appointed to the new Advisory Group for the following Horizon 2020 programme (total research spend €70Bn over 7 years). He holds a number of non-executive Board positions.

Debbie Garside

Founder/ CEO/ Managing Director

Debbie has been an entrepreneur successfully running IT companies for past 25 years. She is an expert in cyber security and natural language, was appointed the first Prince of Wales Innovation Scholar at the University of Wales and has just finalised her PhD thesis on Human Visual Perception in Cyber Security – her related patent to a new Pseudo-isochromatic second generation CAPTCHA system based on her PhD has been granted. As the Principal UK Expert for Language Encoding, Debbie was until recently editor of two international ISO standards, and a BSI and ISO Chair. Also a member of the advisory board for HPC Wales a €40 million high performance computing project, Debbie is a named contributor to a number of internet standards produced by the Internet Engineering Task Force, and has been an advisor to Wikimedia Foundation (overseeing Wikipedia activity) on natural language. Debbie currently sits on the KTN Defence and Security Advisory Board and is a member of the Cloud Industry Forum. Debbie recently accompanied the UK Prime Minister on a bi-lateral trade mission to India as part of a “Best of British” showcase. Debbie is also the Product Owner for Ascema feeding insights from industry into product development.

Stephen Lake


MD of FireFly, a company investing in a portfolio of high growth technology businesses. Successful entrepreneur, took iVillage, an internet business in the US, to billion dollar IPO. Co-founded Reuters New Media and Reuters Greenhouse. Extensive experience in business creation, building and growth investment. Responsible for Reuters early stage investment into Yahoo!

Masroor Ahmad


Masroor has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, primarily in derivatives trading and risk management advisory. He joined River and Mercantile Group to set up the derivatives division after working for Dresdner, Credit Suisse, BNP and Cooper Neff. Together with his team, he specializes in the design of tailored risk management solutions for the firm’s clients with a particular focus on the design, implementation and management of a wide range of derivative instruments. He has designed and implemented investment solutions for pension schemes, Sovereign Wealth funds and corporate clients.

Nitin Jain


Non-Executive Director represents the Indian Angel Network. A successful entrepreneur, and part of the world’s biggest network of angel investors, Nitin successfully floated a billion dollar online poker enterprise. Nitin has access to extensive networks and has made a number of significant introductions to GeoLang.

GeoLang Leadership Team

Dr Lee Gilam

Director/ Co-Founder

One of original inventors of the core IP used by Geolang, is an international and prolific published expert in cloud computing based at the University of Surrey.

James Arnold


An expert in defence technology, security, sensing, natural language and speech, James was Head of Software Commercialisation at SRI in Silicon Valley, led a $150M project funded by DARPA, conceived and led the development of the SIRI programme before being spun out to Apple as the technology that know underpins Apples’ Siri assistant. Based in the USA he provides strategic direction and detailed oversight of the GeoLang software team, as well as insight into US and global markets. James has worked in technology startups as a founder, CEO, CTO, investor, board member and advisor, most extensively in areas involving AI and language technology. James co-founded Discern, a natural language search engine acquired by Microsoft and also led R&D efforts in sensing, man-machine interfaces, and computer vision, RFID and ePaper, and holds a dozen related patents.

Danielle Allan

HR Manager and PA to CEO

As Personal Assistant (PA) to the Chief Executive Officer of GeoLang Limited, whilst concurrently operating as the Human Resource (HR) and Administration Manager across a wide variety of personnel subdivisions, including the implementation of assorted policies and procedures, conducting payroll, and the overall surveillance of staff welfare, Danielle’s principal duties revolve around administrative assistance and support, both on a one to one basis and within the wider team. Prior to joining GeoLang in 2015, Danielle contributed to the research and preservation of various heritage-centred organisations, including a local military-based archive, graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in Religious and Theological Studies in 2015.

Paul Woods

Lead Architect

15 years experience in software development, has a degree in Software Engineering from Glasgow University and has spent 15 years in the industry. He is a certified Scrum Master (Scrum: industry standard agile software development framework). Experience includes 8 years with Business Objects specializing in OLAP server technology and 7 years in various startups. Joined GeoLang in June 2013 as Lead Architect for Ascema.

Arjun Ponnusamy

Lead R&D Engineer

Backed by a Masters in Advanced Computer Science from University of St Andrews, Arjun has several multi-disciplinary researches to his credit and has experience in multiple programming languages and technologies. He has to his credit peer-reviewed international publications covering social network analysis, rapid sense making, personal, organisational and national security in social media. Arjun is a certified natural language analyst with experience in machine learning, sentiment analysis, ontology and semantic annotations. He is also a Scrum Certified Product Owner. Joined GeoLang in September 2011.

Natasha Euston

Design and Marketing Officer

Operating as GeoLang’s Communications, Design and Marketing Support Officer, with a degree in the award-winning Advertising Design course from the University of South Wales, Natasha is principally involved in all aspects of marketing strategy with a strong focus on design, brand collateral, and taking co-responsibility for the execution and monitoring of the Company’s innovative social media campaign as well as stakeholder engagement. Prior to joining GeoLang in 2016, she accumulated 5 years experience of working in high turnover, customer-facing environments, whilst also supplying in house materials and social media strategies for local companies.

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