Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Industry


From names to addresses and payment information to account numbers, the financial industry handles multiple types of sensitive data. It is important that businesses follow the strict regulations set by governing bodies such as PCI (Payment Card Industry), DPA (Data Protection Act 1998), UK Corporate Governance Code, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002) and new EU regulations which all incur substantial fines and damaging reputations if they are not met.

GeoLang innovated a next generation data loss prevention application that can help your business effectively and with ease, comply and avoid disruptions to your business. Ascema™ can protect, detect, and respond to sensitive data whether it is structured (databases) or unstructured (text documents). This means that it doesn’t matter how you present the sensitive information to Ascema™ as it will always protect it and at a true content level.

Ascema™ also has the capability to report actions taken against your sensitive documents giving you a simple but effective audit system. Furthermore, Ascema™ has additional modules that can allow higher detail auditing systems which displays users, uses and potential threats to your protected documents. This is not limited to your own network as our additional modules offer the option to extend your control across your supply chains allowing for an improved client confidence and increased reputation involving your cybersecurity measures.


The legal industry interacts and holds high volumes of sensitive data from business to personal relations. Traditionally, the legal industry stored all the sensitive data as hard copies in filing cabinets on premises which unfortunately is very problematic. Files can easily be misplaced, damaged, lost and ultimately takes up a lot of physical space and can also lead to wasted productivity when staff spend lengths of time searching for necessary data. This has led the majority of legal businesses to digitalise their data and store within on premise servers, cloud environments or hybrid environments. Security is now one of the main concerns for the legal industry as they deal with the high volumes of highly sensitive data.


Today’s pharmaceutical industry handles as much data as it has ever done. With Data protection and the introduction of GDPR in 2018, it is imperative that enterprises within the pharmaceutical industry deploy appropriate measures to ensure data is protected, monitored and reported. Protecting IP is crucial to any industry especially pharmaceutical considering enterprises handle imperative research, development and production data as well as test subject data – which needs to be protected adequately with the latest GDPR act.

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