What Is Ascema

What is the Ascema Core Technology?


Ascema’s patented irreversible fingerprint offers the next level of granularity in protecting document content giving your enterprise the edge when it comes to enterprise collaboration and sharing within today’s de-perimeterised environments.  And you own the fingerprints!


Unlike traditional DLP, Ascema does not keep a copy of your data, instead irreversible fingerprints are generated from your document content and indexed within the Ascema Vault - either on premise or in the cloud.


Ascema matches your irreversible fingerprints against the content being processed within your enterprise data streams - including data moving between enterprise file servers, cloud applications and email - on premise and in the cloud.


Ascema intervenes when a fingerprint match is detected within a data stream - remediating according to pre-set intervention levels, providing real time detection and protection with audit logs and reporting as standard. Remediation at it’s finest!

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