Ascema Data Discovery

Ascema’s pattern matching technology can help your organisation discover what data users have stored on their endpoints and file servers. Ascema Data Discovery gives you the power to discover data on enterprise devices and automatically seek end user remediation.

Ascema Data Discovery allows you to search for data in a variety of different ways through a simple and clean UI.

Compatibility with Windows, Linux and MacOS means that you now have the ability to quickly and easily search the whole enterprise.

Using Ascema’s pattern matching technology files are searched at the content level. This reduces the “admin intensive” need for a database of known tags or common phrases.

Each search can be configured to search all file types or filter just those that are needed. This means that the power remains with you.

Each search can be configured to run in alert or stealth mode. While running in alert mode, users can be automatically requested to remediate sensitive data from their machine – quickly and easily reducing sensitive data breaches.

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