Next Generation Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Did You Know?

Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss’ talk about how currently 50% of organisations employ a data loss prevention (DLP) solution and that they predict this will rise to 90% by 2018, but why? Various recent reports have estimated that 22-54% of high value data leakage is accounted for through employees accidentally sharing this data. A DLP solution is therefore becoming an essential tool to a businesses IT security infrastructure.

What Is DLP?

A generic DLP solution aims to protect requested documents, track them within your network and when particular perimeters are met, an action may be applied. Protecting documents as a whole is easy but it is easier for users to leak data which could contain highly sensitive content. It protects the document by registering the document and its content as a whole and can only be discovered if everything including the content is identical to the moment it was registered. Some DLP solutions claim to be “content level protected” but realistically they will only protect content that is known to be highly sensitive such as bank card numbers, names and addresses to name a few. Some will go a bit further and protect the content around the keywords and phrases which could include anything from a paragraph to a page within the document.

What Is
Next Generation DLP?

Ascema© introduces the next generation data loss prevention (DLP) solution by protecting your documents at a true content level. Ascema© protects your high valued content at a granular level by using one of its core technologies to fingerprint content at a sentence or less basis. This core technology allows greater security by recognising if a user has accidentally or maliciously copied and pasted high valued content outside the document.

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